• Meet Tom in Prescott Tonight

    If you are in the vicinity tonight (7/24)  Please stop by the Prescott Resort and say “Hi!” I’ll be there along with several candidates for a forum from 6-9pm.

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  • Horne-Brnovich on Politics Unplugged

    After viewing this, take a look of our Achievements page for my Top Achievements as Attorney General.

  • Judy M. Burges of the AZ Legislature Supports Tom Horne

    Why Arizona’s Most Conservative Legislator Supports Tom Horne

    You may have read in the paper that I was selected as one of Arizona’s two most conservative legislators, based on my voting record. I want to tell you that I support Tom Horne for reelection as Arizona’s Attorney General, and strongly urge you to do the same.

    Attorney General Horne has repetitively stood strong for state’s rights by pushing back overreaching federal bureaucracies as they attempt to reach into Arizona’s cities, businesses, and rural lands. He successfully brought individual, private property, and State sovereignty issues before the U.S. Supreme Court, the Arizona Supreme Court, and Federal Courts, including the very liberal Ninth Circuit-most state Attorney Generals works as administrators and politicians, not as attorneys willing to aggressively take cases on behalf of the people of Arizona to court, and actually try them personally! Tom Horne has done just this.

    Tom Horne has also been the unfair target of a relentless attack by the liberal media. In 2010, he won back the attorney general’s office for Republicans for the first time in more than a decade, giving Republicans a seat in all of the statewide offices for the first time in many years. The liberal media couldn’t stand that, and have been trying to destroy him personally ever since.

    They ran numerous headlines, accusing him of a campaign finance violation, until a neutral judge ruled in his favor that there was no violation. Then they accused him of a “hit and run”. FBI agents said he bumped into an unoccupied parked car and took a picture of a big dent, which ran on the front page of the newspaper. What the newspaper didn’t tell you is that the owner of the car said his son caused the dent.

    Arizona is under assault by a federal government that knows no boundaries and does not respect the inalienable rights of citizens, much less communities or those values we hold dear to our hearts. We need an Attorney General who will remain vigilant, and already has proven he is alert, ready, and capable to defend our liberties and rights. Please join me in supporting Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, and let’s work together to keep him at his job of defending our rights, and those of our beloved State.

    Besides myself, Tom has been endorsed by Joe Arpaio and several state legislators.

  • Sheriff Joe Arpaio Endorses AG Tom Horne for Re-Election

    Attorney General Tom Horne is announcing that he has been endorsed for re-election by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

    “I’m honored to have the support of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and appreciate his endorsement.”

    The Sheriff’s endorsement was as follows:

    “I have spent my career serving and protecting the people who elected me. As a public servant, I take my job very seriously. That is why I am happy to endorse Tom Horne for re-election. Since taking office he has worked tirelessly to protect the citizens of Arizona. Despite a deluge of attacks from opponents and the liberal media since taking office, Tom has remained focused and determined – and has the results to prove it. He has worked to protect our border, dismantle drug cartels, been a real partner with law enforcement across the state, and continues to fight Obama and federal overreach. He personally argued two cases to the U.S. Supreme Court last year and won them both: one establishing our right to require evidence of citizenship from those registering to vote, and the other also stopping federal overreach. He is the Attorney General who over the next four years who will resist Obama administration overreach, help protect our border, and enforce the law.”


  • AG Tom Horne: Three Arrests Made In State’s Largest-Ever Seizure In Undercover Food Stamp Operation

    Approximately $700,000 Seized, Fifth Store Busted this Year by Inter-agency Group Called “StrikeForce: Quest”

    Phoenix, AZ (Thursday, August 29, 2013) — Attorney General Tom Horne is today announcing the arrests and initial court appearance of three people – Kameel Sweiss, 51, Ameer Sweis, 22, Faday Sweiss, 33 – all of whom work at K & S convenience store located at 6116 N 27th Avenue in Phoenix for Illegally Conducting an Enterprise, Fraudulent Schemes and Artifices, Money Laundering, Unlawful Use of Food Stamps and Computer Tampering.

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