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  2. 1. FIGHTING THE CARTELS and partnered with police to DISMANTLE 14 Cartel Operations and PROTECT THE BORDER.
  3. 2. FIGHTING FOR ARIZONA by personally arguing and winning a U.S. Supreme Court case that reduced the power of the federal government to interfere with Arizona’s laws. Court overruled Ninth Circuit unanimously.
  4. 3. FIGHTING VOTER FRAUD by PERSONALLY defending Prop 200 in the United States Supreme Court.  Following instructions of the U.S. Supreme Court, the Federal District Court held that Arizona could require evidence of citizenship when people register to vote, as a result of Tom Horne’s personal argument to the U.S. Supreme Court.
  5. 4. FOUGHT CHILD MOLESTERS and CORRUPTION the only Attorney General in history to do something significant about Colorado City. This is where young girls are kept in harems by older men, while the young men have been expelled. Expended $400,000 to help Mohave County Sheriff patrol Colorado City, breaking the monopoly of local Marshalls under the control of dominant Church, and enabling girls held in harems to escape.
  6. 5. FIGHTING TO KEEP FAMILIES IN THEIR HOMES and brought in $2 BILLION to the State for victims of the subprime mortgage crisis (the National Mortgage Settlement)
  7. 6. FIGHTING CONSUMER FRAUD with STING OPERATIONS to catch rip-off artists like auto repair shops charging for fake repairs.
  8. 7. FIGHTING UNDERAGE SEX TRAFFICKING Co-chair of the Task Force on Underage Sex Trafficking, to increase penalties for those who sell underage girls, and inform the public of the seriousness of the problem.
  9. 8. FOUGHT GOVERNMENT SPENDING and WON in the United States Supreme Court, saving Arizona taxpayers $300 MILLION (Horne v. Flores).
  10. 9. FOUGHT SENIOR ABUSE by starting a task force and senior abuse hotline that received and responded to over 1,600 cases.
  11. 10. FOUGHT OBAMACARE in the U.S. Supreme Court with a number of other states.
  12. 11. FOUGHT UNIONS and the NLRB in court and WON by making sure that workers can vote to reject unions in secret.
  13. 12. FOUGHT TO GROW BUSINESS instead of the Democrats who STIFLED it.
  14. 13. FOUGHT THE EPA to save taxpayers $1.2 BILLION in utility costs.
  15. 14. FOUGHT TO PROTECT ARIZONA JOBS by negotiating a guarantee that the U.S. Airways/American Airlines merger would not eliminate Phoenix as a hub or reduce services to other cities, protecting 17,000 Arizona jobs.
  16. 15. FOUGHT IDENTITY THEFT and started the Identity Theft Coalition.
  17. 16. FOUGHT TO MAKE ARIZONA NATIONAL MODEL for training prosecutors in forensic science, as recognized by U.S. Department of Justice Publication..
  18. 17. FOUGHT FOR VETERANS by starting a nationally-recognized program to train emergency responders on how to deal with veteran PTSD and brain injuries that was honored by the Journal of Emergency Medical Services and the National Association of EMT’s.