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Sheriff Joe Arpaio Endorses AG Tom Horne for Re-Election

Attorney General Tom Horne is announcing that he has been endorsed for re-election by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. "I'm honored to have the support...

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Judy M. Burges of the AZ Legislature Supports Tom Horne

Why Arizona's Most Conservative Legislator Supports Tom Horne You may have read in the paper that I was selected as one of Arizona's two most...

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  • #AZAG Early voting begins today! I'd appreciate your vote so I can continue protecting the people of AZ! - posted on 31/07/2014 15:05:47
  • Forever grateful to the hard working volunteers who continue to help get my signs up! Happy Wednesday to you all. - posted on 30/07/2014 14:47:20
  • Protecting Arizonans from the predators who try to scam them out of their hard-earned money is just one of the... - posted on 30/07/2014 04:19:28